Anvil Carrack Floor Plan

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Anvil Carrack Floor Plan. Published by Icebreaker98665 mod ID. THe Holoviewer currently contains 175 ships.

Carrack Floorplan Wip Starcitizen Star Citizen Stars Citizen
Carrack Floorplan Wip Starcitizen Star Citizen Stars Citizen from

People have jokingly been calling it. The Aegis Idris-K is an aftermarket special edition of the Idris-P that features additional equipments tailored to dealing with the swarm threat of carrier-type ships. The Holoviewer is a fanmade Ship-Scale-Viewer for the vehicles of Star Citizen.

Compared to the Idris-P Idris-K has an additional size 10 laser beam four point defense turrets that replaced the remote turrets and a missile turret that replaced a manned turret.

The Anvil Carrack features reinforced fuel tanks for long-duration flight an advanced jump drive and a dedicated computer core for jump charting operations. Since 1967 Anvil Paints Coatings has become one of the nations premiere manufacturers of specialty paints and coatings for the professional painting contractor and the Do-it-Yourself craftsman. Or even simpler make the Scout Ship Hangars doors sturdy enough to double as a landing pad. My guess is it is where the power plant will be but for now its just a glowing orange pit.