B&m Christmas Tree Storage Bag

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B&m Christmas Tree Storage Bag. A premium artificial christmas tree has proven to be a worthwhile investment for numerous families who use it a staple feature for many years. There are a variety of sizes of christmas tree storage bags that you can select from.

Fine Decor Tranquility Tree Wallpaper. Colour Copper
Fine Decor Tranquility Tree Wallpaper. Colour Copper from www.pinterest.com

Fold flat crates are the perfect solution for extra storage capacity.they are easy to fold out when needed, lightweight and very durable, and easy to fold back and store away when not in use. Christmas at home 'tis the season to make home more inviting than ever. Eventually the tree has to go back in its box.

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Decoration, lights and the festive season. Using your christmas tree storage bag. The box has enough space for 64 breakable baubles, while the wrapping paper bag can hold rolls up to 75cm long. We have a huge range of sizes for you, whether you're looking for a small tree suitable for tight spaces, right up to large statement trees suitable for rooms with high ceilings.