Neato Floor Plan Navigation Error

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Neato Floor Plan Navigation Error. Using a screwdriver open the battery doors on the bottom of the robot vacuum. Time and time again after it has successfully created a floor plan the robot works flawlessly for a couple weeks.

Neato D7 Neato Intelligent Robot Vacuums
Neato D7 Neato Intelligent Robot Vacuums from

Floor plan navigation error happens about every 2 months after re-learning the floor plan. The Neato cannot tell when it reaches the end of the loop and continues to see the already cleaned areas a new areas. Resetting and reconnecting the vacuum by pressing-and-holding the power button and bumper at the same time allows you to reconnect and repair.

Shiny surfaces and black floors might cause navigation problems.

Bought a D7 roughly two months ago and up until now had no issues. Screw back the battery doors. My Neato Robot isnt Cleaning on Schedule. 247 Chat and email form below are available in English.