Pergo Waterproof Flooring Reviews

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Pergo Waterproof Flooring Reviews. Pergo is a very poor solution. However, pergo in fact produces both laminate and vinyl flooring as well as a variety of solid wood and engineered hardwood flooring options.

Valley Grove Oak Pergo TimberCraft +WetProtect Laminate
Valley Grove Oak Pergo TimberCraft +WetProtect Laminate from

After the install, the floors are solid, smooth and even. One limitation though is that you can’t use this flooring in a wet room with a sump pump or in a bathroom with a floor drain because of excess water exposure. Picking laminate flooring is often harder than it seems.

You might have noticed that we’ve been talking a lot about pergo extreme reviews, and not as much about pergo laminate reviews.

This is the protective shield to your floor, what keeps the dog from leaving marks with his clattering claws. Special features of pergo laminate flooring. Pergo outlast + pergo outlast floor links: Pergo timbercraft is available for sale at lowes and other local flooring retailers and priced between $2.50 and $2.99 per sq/ft.