Red Oak Flooring Vs White Oak

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Red Oak Flooring Vs White Oak. The usual purposes for red oak are often quite different than those for white oak. Red oak vs white oak.

White Oak floor boards labeled with different finishes
White Oak floor boards labeled with different finishes from

If you want a more unified, less busy floor, then white oak is the better option as there is less variation in the grain. In essence, red oak flooring has a pinkish tone and a more patterned grain, whilst white oak flooring has a yellowish tone and a less busy aspect to its grain. Being impermeable against moisture it is many times used in ship makings and barrels as well.

Select rift & quartered red oak hardwood flooring 2.

The pores are so large, some people say you can blow into one end of the wood and air will come out on the opposite end. White cabinets are very in style and by far the most popular and look amazing w/ dark hardwood, regardless of whether it is red oak or white oak. White oak has been used for centuries in the building of boats. White oak tends to be more dense, while red oak is a bit lighter and has a more porous and open grain.