Santa Sabina Floor Plan

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Santa Sabina Floor Plan. Roman Architecture Roman Basilica Floor Plan 20. Hagia Sophia exterior Constantinople Istanbul Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus 532-537 CE Brick and ceramic elements with stone and mosaic veneer.

Pianta Santa Sabina Chiesa
Pianta Santa Sabina Chiesa from

Yet prayer in a public place was intensely embarrassing. St Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels. In marked contrast the nave wall of Santa Sabina has little sense of weight.

St Matthew from the Ebbo Gospels.

The glass tiles of the mosaics would create a shimmering effect and the walls would appear to float. Ordered interior served to manage large numbers of visitors and to impose the governments authority. Sun - Sat 330 PM - 600 PM. Single aisles run along.