Sub Flooring For Bathroom Tile

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Sub Flooring For Bathroom Tile. Subfloor damage in the bathroom usually comes from a leaking toilet, but it can also be the result of a persistent sink drain leak or even a drip behind. Few materials are better than porcelain tile when it comes to bathroom flooring.

Sub flooring Flooring
Sub flooring Flooring from

You can also try these subway tile bathroom ideas during bathroom renovation. Ultimately, you’ll want waterproof flooring for bathrooms that won’t stain or get easily chipped and damaged. Vinyl flooring whether it is a plank, sheet or a tile is not only practical but is also considered one of the most popular flooring choices for bathrooms because of its affordability and the ability to resist water.

Preferred subfloors in these cases are a mortar bed or cement board.

Generous tile in a bathroom can bounce light, give the illusion of more space and provide a cohesive look. I assume i need to add an inch of subfloor to replace the concrete. Planning and patience along with these tips will help ensure that you install the quality of finished flooring you are looking for. I removed the concrete and left the plywood because it’s in good condition.