What Is Lvt Vs Lvp Flooring

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What Is Lvt Vs Lvp Flooring. There is a newer flooring option that is gaining fans quickly. Luxury vinyl plank flooring (lvp) is designed to simulate the look of hardwood, but also offer a number of beneficial characteristics that can’t be replicated in natural wood products.

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When discussing vinyl, two main types are mentioned: Spc floors, for example, have a core layer comprised of calcium powder, a stabiliser, and. Because of this, most consumers want to ensure they’re buying flooring that is built to last through years of foot traffic.

We'll break them down and compare them side by side.

One of the major differences is the type of product and the vinyl flooring installation methods that follow. Lvt, on the other hand, resembles stone or ceramic tile instead. Lvp can also be smooth or textured to mimic different types of materials. And luxury vinyl tile looks like tile (or natural stone).