Wood Flooring Types Explained

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Wood Flooring Types Explained. Recommended for high traffic areas. Denser and heavier than red oak.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring How to antique wood, Flooring
Reclaimed Wood Flooring How to antique wood, Flooring from www.pinterest.com

Wood flooring is the term used for all flooring materials derived from wood. Oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry flooring are all good choices. Engineered flooring is the prevailing choice.

Follow along to learn all about the different types of wood flooring, so you can find the one best for you and your home!.

Has a classic look and feel; Not only are they more stable than. Technological advances have enabled wood flooring to now be installed in environments that were previously out of bounds for wood. Whether or not that’s true depends on your personal view point, but it’s a fact that with the development in production methods and.